The Game-master chapter 1

Sorry for the short chapter, I just got a new dog. Although I really love her, she requires a lot of my time. Anyway, I will update the second part within the next couple of days. Hope you enjoy!!

Cute dog

Damn. It looks like another sandstorm is on its way. I better get inside quickly. I think as I take my goggles off, and walk into my house.

“Siri, seal all the holes in the house. I don’t want any sand floating around in here.” I tell my faithful assistant, as I start unzipping the suit I wear outside.

“Every entrance into the house has been sealed. Would you like anything else?” A feminine voice asks me from the watch I wear on my hand.

“Sam will be coming over in a few minutes, make sure to open the door for him.”

“Understood.” Siri responds, before doing whatever computer programs like to do.

I walk towards the couch, and fall into it.

Mmmm, sleep sounds yummy.  I think as my consciousness starts to fade.


“Leo. Leo! Wake up.” A voice calls me out of my slumber.

“What is it?” I squint my eyes, as I look up at the friend who had pulled me out of my slumber.

Brown hair that almost covers his green eyes, and a semi-athletic build. My friend Sam has a smile on his face.

“You won’t believe what happened! I was trying to hack into Starack’s game again, and it- it worked!” Sam’s smile grew a tiny bit.

Good for you I think. I am going back into the couch, when what he said registers in my brain. I sit straight up.

“You got into thee Starack’s game?!” I exclaim.

“Yeah, but I can’t do much without the developer immediately finding me and kicking me out of his server. Anyway, that doesn’t matter.” His smile disappears. “When I was looking through the files, I- I found something …” He takes a deep breath before continuing. “There is a termination plan. In other words, in five years, the game is going to end… And everyone still inside is going to be- be-“ Another deep breath “Anyone not out by then is going to be killed.” He says the last sentence in one breath.

I pause for a second before saying in a whisper “Everyone?”  Before I continue. “Even the children that entered the game?

Sam nods his head before continuing, “I have been thinking about it for a little bit, and I came up with one solution. Someone has to end the game. If the game is won, then everyone will be kicked out, back into this world.”

“But the people inside Starack’s World gave up on defeating it years ago.”

“That is where you come in. Leo.” He looks me in the eyes. “I need you to enter the game, and beat it.”

I stare at him. “If I believed it would work, I would be happy to. But what makes you think I Could defeat the game?”

“I don’t. It would be impossible for you to do it… On your own.” His never ending smile comes back full force. “That is where I come in. I will be able to talk to you inside the game. With my new found knowledge, and  control of the game, I will be helping you and telling you what to do in order to win.”

“That…. That might just work.”


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8 thoughts on “The Game-master chapter 1

  1. Corwin, this is delightful!! Fun and flows well. But, I’m into the story and want it to go forward, which I see as the mark of a good story-teller. Eager for the next chapters!!!
    Love, Nan


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